VRAYU Player: the best virtual reality adult content

The best VR app for you is here!
What is VR player VRAYU:
The best HD, 4K, 5K, 6K or 8K videos.
New 18+ episodes every week.
User friendly interface
User-friendly interface
Today everything is possible - what you desired but didn't dare to try.
Eye tracking
Use either your controllers or your eyes – your hands stay free!
If you know what I mean ;)
We support all the main VR platforms and VR headsets
Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest 2
New VR 18+ episodes
every week
Truly irresistible!
Buy the player today!
And even more!
VR Video adjustments:
tilt, height, zoom, playback speed
2D, 3D, flat, 180° and 360°
Videos automatically recognized, 8K video support
(on supported hardware)
You can either stream the content,
or download it.
'Why can't I watch just usual 18+ content?
Or VR for adults through other players/browsers?'
You can! But VRAYU is the best solution,
and here is why:
The headset memory stays free!
The player is concealed from discovery
So your children or other users of your VR headset won't find it.
Shake smoothing
VR player

The browser of your VR-headset

Usual VR player

Watching 18+ from your monitor display
Presence effect
The access
to updates
Eye tracking
Subscription economy
Buy the player today
and get the adult AR game for free!
VRAYU Player : the best virtual reality adult content
How to install VRAYU:
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