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Virtual reality – how to use and what it is

Nowadays virtual reality is a brand-new technology and it is at the top of fashion. The equipment that in the past days was for some scientists and for one of the richest persons ever with big money from the Ministry of Defense, now affordable even to a simple person. And VR can bring much more benefits when using and watching it.

Let's pretend and say once you live in Berlin and want to invest your honestly earned resources in the hardest of currencies-real estate somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. As you know, it is better to choose housing on the spot and independently, but what if you cannot devote enough time to this? This is where virtual reality is needed.

Imagine: the agent sets up a special camera in the room, and you, without leaving your favorite chair, can look around this room, turn your head and even look at the ceiling with a ceiling lamp of the 18th century "Greek gods indulge in debauchery and relaxation"! Well, we will figure out how to make everything work in such cases.

In most cases some panoramic camera (or “fish eye”) is used and it contains at least 2 lenses, and the image is merged during video shooting, 3D shooting is supported. For a good VR-cam, a 360 ° viewing angle is required. Thanks to this, the user will see the entire environment in the horizontal and vertical direction in high resolution. Only this one gadget allows you to replace several simple video cameras. It is ideal for video surveillance in offices, warehouses, workshops and other premises, amateur and professional video shooting.

If a regular IP camera shoots simple usual video in 2K format, then the VR camera will shoot video content in VR format with a resolution of at least 4K. It is easy to control live broadcasts remotely, this camera connects to your own phone that supports Android or iOS, and you can also view videos for Windows when you are connected to a computer. On a PC, videos are viewed using the GoPro VR Player. So, as you may notice there is nothing difficult in using this modern technology!

The number of matrices is equal to the number of lenses of the device. When shooting, the processor processes the image with all the sensors. The video clip is automatically stitched, the user does not need to search for additional software.

  Modern VR webcam devices have unique advantages:
  •  There are no blind spots, the entire territory is observed.
  • One gadget replaces several simple cameras, which significantly reduces the cost of video surveillance and installation
  • You do not need to stretch the cables for numerous video cameras
  • The gadget has a pleasant "appearance", it perfectly harmonizes with the overall interior design
  • The device is difficult to see if you install it on the ceiling.
  • There is no interference in the transmitted image, which is typical for rotary cameras.

And, of course, the price – it is not that high and an average person can easily afford to buy or rent it for some time you need.

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